AHA: London Lives 1690 to 1800: Crime, Poverty, and Social Policy in the Metropolis

"London Lives, a new online project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and developed by the universities of Sheffield and Hertfordshire, focuses on the perspectives of common Londoners in the 18th-century, shedding light on a turbulent era in England (We briefly noted London Lives earlier this month). This project offers access to hundreds of thousands of primary sources pulled from eight London archives, publicly surfacing over three million names of 18th-century plebeian Londoners. In doing so, the project hopes to encourage everyone from academic researchers to the general public to engage in a more personal form of research, especially since the participating archives make reference to many of the same Londoners across various sources."

URL: http://blog.historians.org/resources/1097/london-lives-1690-to-1800-crime-poverty-and-social-policy-in-the-metropolis

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