EJ: Belgium: A Shadowy Legacy in the Congo

"There are still unresolved issues between Belgium and the Congo some 50 years after the latter became independent. Belgians in general are reluctant to look into the brutal policies conducted in the former colony under King Leopold II. Severed hands, mass executions and villages razed to the ground were part and parcel of the Belgian colonial regime. This hardly features on the school curriculum back home, however. The Brussels suburb of Matonge is now home to many descendants of former Congolese slaves. Sometimes they have the feeling that Belgians still see the Congo as a colony."

URL: http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,5751108,00.html



  1. Is it just my computer, or does the video not go past the 1:07 mark?

  2. I was able to successfully watch the entire video (both in total and after the 1:07 mark). However, I must say that I clicked "Play" first and then immediately on "Pause" in order to allow the video enough time to sufficiently load before I proceeded with watching the entire clip. FYI.

    Please post another comment if you continue to experience problems with watching the video. You may try emptying your internet browser's cache and seeing if that solves the problem?!