NPR: A contrast of our job situation from the Past to the Present

This article contrasts the current job situation with what it was in the 1970's. The only job that held its position strong was at the Federal Government and Retail stores level. In the 70's the number one job sector on the list was Manufacturing, now it stands at the bottom of the spectrum. Their source is the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

We all know what happened and where the jobs went and some may contest that having better technology means manufacturing with better efficiency at a much lower cost. In other words more profit for the manufacturer. A question that can be made is that if they have higher profits is there a possibility for higher wages for their employees or does it mean higher bonuses for themselves?

"What America Does For Work"


  1. One thing that strikes me is so few people look toward the India model of bringing manufacturing back to a place that lost it. India had to rebuild its textile capabilities almost from scratch after England left and they were successful (to a point of course).

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