Four Tips for Getting Started in a Collectibles Business

 Every history lover has walked in to an antique shop and wonder how must it be to own their own antique business. You rarely walk into an antique shop and its busy with people curious about antiques. Most you will find are a hand few of seniors looking at things and enjoying the nostalgia of their childhood memories, a few new home owners looking to be original with their decorations (and that's a definite maybe!) , and that one lonesome customer analyzing everything closely and carefully (probably the history geek). Bottom line is that profit margins are very slim, most of the time close to none. However, with the digital age high and mighty many antique shops were able to adapt themselves and pull more customers at a greater range consequently increasing profit margins.

This was the case with Mike Wolfe, owner of Antique Archaeology and star and creator of the 'American Pickers' from the History channel. He began his career track in search of old vintage bikes, he would find them restored them to their glory and sell it. Of course with the show it helped his shop grow tremendously, but he began like everyone else from the bottom. On this article, he shares four tips that got him going on his track of growing his business in collecting.

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